Tuesday, January 19, 2016

We read to LEARN, and LEARN to read!

Many things have been happening in Room 162! As we continue to use The Reading Workshop Units of Study I really love the lessons and passion that it provides me to teach my kids to become avid readers. We just finished Unit 2: "Becoming Experts of Nonfiction" which showed my class how to read informational texts through wondering, discovery and photographs.

As we completed our unit on Friday, we created a museum in our classroom using the iPads, google images, fact sheets and display signs. The class and our principal Ms. Mychack walked around the room and shared their questions and comments about each others exhibits. This was an amazing success and I believe it showed my students how important it is to learn new knowledge and add onto existing knowledge they already know about different nonfiction topics. 

Check it out below!

 We also celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's birthday by creating our own dreams, reading the story "Martin's BIG Words, and drawing MLK!

We have also had some time to throw in some Mystery Number Skypes too! They are so much fun! Let us know if you want to join us sometime!

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