Sunday, May 31, 2015

Ahh! Its the end of the year!

10 more days!! It cannot come soon enough. As much as I absolutely love my kiddos this year, I am ready for some sun, rest and fun of summer. Bring on the beach! 

The past month has been full of a lot of amazing things! I cannot express enough how much I have grown as an educator by using both a personal and classroom twitter account. I have been able to communicate and collaborate with some awesome teachers and learn from them as well! 

Through twitter, I was introduced to #Sharks4kids which is a non-profit organization that teaches kids all over the world about how sharks are our friends, not enemies as well as other cool facts. This year, I had the privilege of being able to set up a Skype with Jillian who is part of the #Sharks4kids team! For two weeks, the whole 2nd grade learned about sharks using books, iPads and resources that were provided by #Sharks4kids. Then, we were able to wrap up our unit with the Skype. If you have not had a chance to Skype with #Sharks4kids I highly recommend it! I would love to make this a part of our 2nd grade curriculum each year! Just follow @Sharks4kids on Twitter to get started!

The next two weeks are going to be super busy with all the end of the year testing, report cards, paperwork, and meetings. However, I know that many other teachers are in the same boat right now! 
Let's do this!!! Summer 2015 cannot come soon enough!

Happy Summer! 

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