Sunday, May 31, 2015

Ahh! Its the end of the year!

10 more days!! It cannot come soon enough. As much as I absolutely love my kiddos this year, I am ready for some sun, rest and fun of summer. Bring on the beach! 

The past month has been full of a lot of amazing things! I cannot express enough how much I have grown as an educator by using both a personal and classroom twitter account. I have been able to communicate and collaborate with some awesome teachers and learn from them as well! 

Through twitter, I was introduced to #Sharks4kids which is a non-profit organization that teaches kids all over the world about how sharks are our friends, not enemies as well as other cool facts. This year, I had the privilege of being able to set up a Skype with Jillian who is part of the #Sharks4kids team! For two weeks, the whole 2nd grade learned about sharks using books, iPads and resources that were provided by #Sharks4kids. Then, we were able to wrap up our unit with the Skype. If you have not had a chance to Skype with #Sharks4kids I highly recommend it! I would love to make this a part of our 2nd grade curriculum each year! Just follow @Sharks4kids on Twitter to get started!

The next two weeks are going to be super busy with all the end of the year testing, report cards, paperwork, and meetings. However, I know that many other teachers are in the same boat right now! 
Let's do this!!! Summer 2015 cannot come soon enough!

Happy Summer! 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Educreations, Green Screen and Mother's Day!

So, I have finally figured our how to use Do Inks Green Screen and Animation App! 
Thanks to Heidi from Mrs. Samuelson's Swamp Frog Kids for helping me out!
Swamp Frogs
To celebrate our third Unit of writing which was Opinion, I decided to have my students get one of their nomination pieces and bring it to life! In their writing, they had to tell why a certain book should win first place and 3 reasons why. I have only finished a few but they turned out great! I was also able to put a real life picture in the background like Barnes and Noble! Then, I used the Animation app to make the book that they were nominating fly into the movie. 
Below is one of the finished videos! Email me if you would like step by step instructions on how to use the app! 
Once you get started, you'll never want to stop! The first step is to get green bulletin board paper or fabric and stick it on a blank wall!
Also, I used Educreations for the first time as well and loved it!

This app can be used to create a lesson that students can watch at home to remind them how to do a lesson you taught, such as addition with regrouping. can have your students teach a lesson!

Here is link below of my students teaching you about different types of shapes and how many sides and vertices they have! This was my first try and I think it turned out great! I am definitely looking forward to using this app in many other ways!

Finally, we finally finished our Mother's Day Projects! We used our talent at writing Free Verse Poems and wrote one for our moms! Then we made a flower out of the paper you put at the bottom of a cupcake and our pictures in the middle! Here are few below! :) 

See ya later!


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