Sunday, April 19, 2015

Skip the workbook...make your math lessons more engaging with QR code hunts!

Hey ya'll! The countdown has started until the end of the school year! 40 days!!
*40 days to continue to push my students towards independence
*40 days to teach many more concepts
*40 more days to enhance my instruction using technology
*40 more days to show my students my creativity
After attending the Pete & C Technology Workshop in Hershey back in February and also talking to my principal, I have decided that I am ditching the math workbook (well most of it) and using technology and my own activities to increase student engagement!
It's the end of the year and I am loosing their energy, and motivation! They also think that since it has reached 80 degrees this past week that they can open their pools! LOL!
Last week, I was observed by my principal during a math lesson on Comparing and Contrasting Lengths of two objects in centimeters. So, I decided to create a QR Code Scavenger Hunt!

Yes! Have you ever seen these types of codes? You can scan them for information anywhere and pretty much about anything! To create my QR code hunt I used the website QR Code Monkey
This site is awesome because you can use text, a link to a website, and more to create a code! You can also insert a picture in the middle of your code. ((The kiddos love this!)) When the kiddos scan the code, it goes to the text you wrote or it can go to a website. 
So, I have done a QR code hunt two different ways. I have printed the codes large and taped them around the classroom. The students then go around with a recording sheet and scan the codes.  I did this on Dr. Seuss' birthday. When they scanned the codes, a different Dr. Seuss book popped up and they had to record it on their index card. 
For my math observation, I create a worksheet with QR Codes on it that the students can scan. After they scan the code, text comes up that tells the students what to measure. Then they have to explain which object is larger, by how many centimeters, and then complete the subtraction problem. I had my students complete this activity in partners so they each had an equal amount of codes to scan.

Before competing the QR code hunt, I did use the first two problems in the students workbooks to model and practice.

You can purchase this product here at my TpT Store.

Overall, my students really seemed to enjoy a change during our math block!!! 
I believe that sometimes teachers need to change to engage their students. Sometimes it may require more work...but that is why we teach right? To make every child that walks through our door succeed? 

See ya next time!


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