Sunday, March 1, 2015

New Blog Design, iFunFace and more!

First off, I love, love, love my new blog design by

Gabby's Classrooms
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Guess what....??? 

We have Mystery Skyped with 10 states! 

California, Oklahoma, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, Missouri, Michigan, New York, 
New Jersey and Illinois! Above is our recent Skype with New Jersey! Did you know that we are only 10 minutes away from their school?! So cool!

My 2nd graders love it and it makes me so proud when they are able to talk about states, where they are located, cardinal directions as well as identify oceans, the great lakes, and which states are landlocked! I am so proud of my kiddos!

My goal by the end of the school year is to Mystery Skype every Friday with a different state and visit half of the USA!

You can also use Google Earth to zoom in on the area you skyped with and check it out. Use questioning like what is the area like? Is it rural, urban or suburban? Compare and Contrast our school and neighborhood with theirs. So many options for great teachable moments! 

Last Thursday night was Literacy Night with a "Nonfiction" Theme. Teachers prepared their rooms based on a theme with books, technology, and resources to do an activity. Students were able to rotate in and out of different themed classrooms for an hour and a half. My room was Outer Space. I had students use the iPads to research constellations and make it out of Q-tips! What a great night to get parents involved in their child's learning!

Last week we began working on time! The kids loved doing time checks! They had to write what time it was on the clock when I yelled "Time Check!" We did it ten times before the end of the day! 
The engagement was out of this world!

You can download a free template I made at my TpT Store
Lastly, I had the opportunity to attend the 2015 Pete & C Technology Conference in Hershey, PA. It was absolutely amazing. I was introduced to awesome new technology tools and programs I can use in my classroom. One of them is called iFunFace. You can purchase it through the Apple Store or Google Play.

This app allows you to take a picture of anything, put a mouth on it to allow it to talk and put a voice to it. Last week we were working on Money so we used iFunFace to make Money Problems that talked! Check them out to below, then download the app! It is very easy to use! Then you can post your videos on Twitter or upload them to YouTube.

Check them out here and here.


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  1. Thanks for pointing out iFunFace. I haven't tried that one. I recently came across YAKit Kids. It is pretty cool as well.



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