Thursday, September 25, 2014

Reading Clubs in Action!!!

Here are some pics of my reading clubs in action! There are pictures of their clubs folders as well as them using their Stop and Jot books that you can purchase HERE!

Spiderwick Superhero Club

Sports Club

Cute Book Club

Haunted Hour Scary Club

Reading Club Contract

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Club

Jigsaw Jones Mystery Club

Stop and Jot books in Action!!! They are using their club books that I checked out from the library! :)

I also administered the Words their Way Spelling Inventory and split them up into Word Sort Groups depending on their spelling level. Two groups have the same word sort and one group has a different sort. Everyday I time the class sorting their words. I explain to them that they have to read the words as they sort them into their categories. This week we were working on long o so I used this sound in their sorts. Here are two pictures below!

Two groups had an oi and oy sort and then other group had to sort the words according to what syllable the long o sound was heard. 

Clapping the syllables out! (Love it!!!)

Finally, we did a noun labeling activity and labeled me! Here is the result! :)

(Check out the side photo bomb LOL!)


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