Sunday, November 9, 2014

So many new things are happening in Room 162!

Are you a second grade classroom looking to connect? Well, we now have a classroom twitter! Follow is at @NACS2ndGrade162

I cannot believe that tomorrow is already the 50th day of school and I absolutely love this bunch of kiddos! I look forward to the creative things I get to do with them everyday. I am especially looking forward to beginning to do mystery skyping next week as well as KidBlogging! If you have any tips, send them this way.....!

What's been happening in Room 162?

We have been working on Common and Proper nouns since the beginning of the school year. We just took two weeks and created a Common and Proper Noun town!

They didn't want to stop! They wanted to add mailboxes, fire hydrants, flowers, bushes and more! I loved doing this engaging and it reminded them of important things in our community.
We also played Common and Proper Noun Match-up using our questioning strategies!

On Tuesday, we had a classroom election! So, we voted on our favorite school lunch. They received a ballot and had to check if they liked chicken nuggets, pizza or meatball sub.
Chicken Nuggets was the winner with 12 votes!

We also read "How Chipmunk Got His Stripes" and we really connected with the characters by describing inside and outside traits. So, we used the skill this week to come up with traits about ourselves in a fun way!

On Halloween, we did a Candy Corn experiment! You can download the document at my TpT Store, The candy corn completely dissolved in the water, vinegar and milk. It did not change at all in oil! Try it out! :)

Finally, we have been ipad crazy in Room 162. We have created a homophone book and All About the Author pages for our small moment writing using the Book Creator App.

We have also used Google to research information on an Animal to create a brochure. Check out the setup below during the museum walk! :)

I absolutely love what technology has done for my students and we are just getting started. Keep checking for more activities we complete using the ipads, skype or blogging! 

Do you use a lot of technology in your classroom? 
Please share! 
If not, what questions do you have?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Reading Clubs in Action!!!

Here are some pics of my reading clubs in action! There are pictures of their clubs folders as well as them using their Stop and Jot books that you can purchase HERE!

Spiderwick Superhero Club

Sports Club

Cute Book Club

Haunted Hour Scary Club

Reading Club Contract

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Club

Jigsaw Jones Mystery Club

Stop and Jot books in Action!!! They are using their club books that I checked out from the library! :)

I also administered the Words their Way Spelling Inventory and split them up into Word Sort Groups depending on their spelling level. Two groups have the same word sort and one group has a different sort. Everyday I time the class sorting their words. I explain to them that they have to read the words as they sort them into their categories. This week we were working on long o so I used this sound in their sorts. Here are two pictures below!

Two groups had an oi and oy sort and then other group had to sort the words according to what syllable the long o sound was heard. 

Clapping the syllables out! (Love it!!!)

Finally, we did a noun labeling activity and labeled me! Here is the result! :)

(Check out the side photo bomb LOL!)


Monday, September 22, 2014

Reading Club Stop and Jot Book!

I have posted a new product in my TpT shop! I have created a Reading Clubs "Stop and Jot" book to use in my book clubs! This will help my students use higher level thinking when analyzing texts! I love it! I will also throw in some post-it notes for them to use. I told them to stick them anywhere to show their thinking. I don't care if they are sticking out of their stop and jot books! I will be conferencing with each club to check our their progress too.
Also, once my ipads are up and running I will be using Popplet to have them create webs with their thinking. 

Check back tomorrow for pictures of my product in action!! :)


Friday, September 19, 2014

First Few Weeks of School & Reading Clubs

I hope everyone had a FABULOUS start to the new school year!!!! 

I did!

Phew! Getting married is hard work. I am in the process of changing my last name. It is definitely time consuming!

I have received my ipads from Donors Choose and I cannot wait to start using them. I feel like I have gotten a lot done so far and it is only been 15 days of school!

I started Reading Clubs again! Woo hoo! I love doing them. 

First, each student brainstormed a list of their favorite books. Then, they picked their favorite book or genre and they wrote why they wanted to be in that club. 

Next, I grouped them according to genres and books that were alike and went to the library to get books out for their clubs.

Then, we made huge folders for our clubs and a display to put on our door! Here it is below. :)

And I added QR codes! They have each student in the club explaining why they want to be in that club! :) Love, love, love these codes!

Yay!!! :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Donor's Choose Project Funded!

I am absolutely ecstatic that my Donor's Choose project request for 5 ipad minis was funded! I cannot wait to see how they expand my practice and teaching strategies! Check out the link below to view my project. :)

After my project was funded, I started another project for heavy duty ipad cases and a charging dock! :)

Well, I am trying to get back into blogging. I have changed my blog name to..... 

The Tech-Savvy Teacher! :)

I know it has been awhile but guess what I have been doing with my whole summer.........

Planning our Wedding for this Sunday August 10! 
We are also heading to Ireland! :)

When I get back I will be blogging away about how I am using my new ipads in my classroom! I am also starting my National Board Certification too! ((Yikes))
I would love to also get back to making products for my TpT Store.
My goal is to sell enough products to buy a new blog design! :)

See ya! :)

Sunday, August 3, 2014

New Blog Name! :)

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