Sunday, November 10, 2013

We bought a house! and NEW!!!***Gingerbread K-3 Fun Pack!

 So my fiance and I decided to start looking for a house a few weeks ago! We looked at many houses starting at a low price range and then started raising the amount because the house were much nicer. I now believe everyone that says that house hunting is exhausting! But...the good news is we found one!
We bid on it three times and they finally approved! So now we are going through all of the inspections and paperwork! I am so excited.....more to come on the house including pictures! :)

Despite my crazy busy life....I had time to make a quick new product!!!!

 What an easy mini unit to use when the crazy holiday time comes! (Ugh.....its coming so fast!)
Click on the picture to get it in my store!

Enjoy! :) 

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