Sunday, November 24, 2013

Apple Pie, Blueberry Pie, or Pumpkin Pie?

Finally! I have found some time in my hectic (new house buyer) life to make a product and create a blog post. We are still going through the house buying process and hope to be ready for settlement soon! Meanwhile I have been very emotional and tired at work and in a horrible mood! So, I had my kiddies complete this fact and opinion activity on Owls! And y'all should know that I absolutely LOVE owls! :)

 I had them listen to the video on National Geographic about Owls and record facts. Then they added their opinions. They turned out great!

I have decided that instead of doing a feast in school for Thanksgiving, I am going to do a pie tasting! I am going to pick up 7 different kinds of pies from the grocery store and use my new product 

Head over to my store to grab it! 

What are you doing to celebrate Thanksgiving with your students? I would love to hear new ideas!

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