Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Starting Book Clubs!!!!!

Have you ever had the feeling that something is going so well it is hard to believe? 

I started Reading Books Clubs with my Advanced Second Grade Readers and can I tell you I am LOVING IT! :)

How did I come up with the idea?

Reading for Real by Kathy Collins from Columbia University's Reading and Writing Project

I am in love with the resources and information that her book has to offer. After skimming the first few chapters (last minute...eeek!) and adding my own spice I started Reading Book Clubs on Monday.

Here is a sneak peek of my week, what I did so far and some pictures!

Monday: I introduced Reading Book Clubs to my advanced readers. We talked about What is a Book Club? and Why do people join book clubs? Then we brainstormed some of our favorite authors, genres, and books. I gave the students paper and they wrote a few sentences and drew a picture to convince me what book club they wanted to be in and why. 

Tuesday: I had the students sit in a circle while I sorted their papers into groups that were alike. 
Here are the Reading Book Clubs we formed:
1.) The Roald Daul Book Club (2 of them)
2.) The Scary Book Club
3.) The Funny Book Club
4.) The Junie B. Jones Book Club
5.) The Stories about School Book Club
6.) The Magic Tree House Book Club 

After we formed our clubs, I gave each club a piece of paper and had them set goals for their club. I wanted them to tell me what they wanted to do in their club with their books. 

Today: I read each groups goals to the class. As I was reading their goals, they sparked a lot of ideas in my creative mind! After reading their goals, I gave each group two pieces of long construction paper, a picture of a book in their category, and a partnership contract. I wanted them to create a folder for their book club that they would use to put projects in that they create. I also wanted them to fill out a partnership contract. This contract was included in the back of Reading for Real and allowed the students to remind themselves of our rules for group work.

The rest of the week: Tomorrow we will finish up our folders and get some books ready to get our book clubs under way! Friday, we may take a break and have a Reader's Theater Day! This will give me time to request some more books for their clubs! :)

Below are some pictures of what my class has done so far! 

Check back next week for more great Book Club Stuff! :)

 What are some things that you do with your advanced readers?


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Beginning of the school year = success! :)

My 5th year of teaching is here! Wow, time flies. This year I have found myself coming out of my shell and trying new things! :)
   Some of my goals for this year include.... 

1.)  Continuing to use Teaching Blog Traffic School with Charity Preston to promote my blog and gain more followers

2.) Make one product a week to post to My Store

3.) Successfully implement Whole Brain Teaching in my classroom

4.) Finish my Master's in December and hopefully move onto obtaining my National Boards Certification

5.) Keep playing staff basketball to exercise and hopefully score more hoops!

I know, I know, I know I have A LOT of goals. But you gotta live your life! :)

Meanwhile, whats new in my classroom??? Take a look below!

First and Second Week Activities! :)

 I love my class!! Enjoy! :)


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