Thursday, August 22, 2013

Free Free Free!

I received a request for a 2nd and 3rd grade word wall book combined!  

So here it is!

Also....I love my new job chart! I just need to add clothes pins! :) Click on the picture to go to my store to grab it!

Stay tuned for some pics of my classroom in progress! :) 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Teacher Week '13-Let's Talk About Me!

I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin

Here is the schedule for the week!

 1.) I have a HUGE owl obsession. Everywhere I go I see tons of OWL things I want! My friends and family are buying OWL things for me too! 
2.) I am engaged to the love of my life...but the crazy thing is we share the same birthday!!!

3.) I love being crafty and making things for my classroom. No need to go to Beckers! :)

4.) I have been working on using the Couch to 5K app! I am currently on Week 4! Halfway there! :)


5.) I have taught 1st grade for the last four years and will be teaching 2nd grade this year! So exciting!!!

6.) Big Brother is my latest OBSESSION!!!!

7.) I did my first run this year with my best friend Gwen and loved it!

8.) I am one of the most organized people you will ever meet! It may drive you crazy!

9.) My future goal is to travel across the world with the love of my life.

10.) Peanut Butter M&M's is my new favorite candy!

I hope you enjoyed the top ten things about me! Don't forget to link up! :)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Summer Teaching Beach Reads Linky Party!

I am proud to say that after participating in Teaching Blog Traffic School, I have decided to try my second LINKY PARTY!

So I decided to create the Summer Teaching Beach Reads Linky Party! Below are some of the books I have been reading over the summer. Take a look, buy them if you want, and link up! ;)

So....I know all of you have been reading some kind of teaching book while lounging on the beach! I thought I would share what I am reading this summer to help improve my teaching! Now, I know there are a lot of books listed but I am making my way through them chapter by chapter!!

This is a great book to use to learn about the type of language you should be using with your students. What you say to your students definitely goes a long way! I know it is hard sometimes to stay positive but you have too! My goal this year is to try not to use my smiley face clip chart as long as possible and use a positive tone of voice. The Whole Brain Teaching method (book listed below) talks about "PRACTICE!" Instead of yelling or clipping students down. Practice, Practice, Practice!

This book is great to use as a grab and go resource! Do you have a student who is constantly defiant? The chapter on defiance in this book tells why they are defiant and gives you tips to help. I would love to use this throughout the year to solve the problems some of my tough kids are giving me!

I have been hearing so much about Whole Brain Teaching. And the great thing is everything is free! All online resources and videos too! I have come to some strategies in this book that I want to use this year. I love how it teaches kids whole brain listening and engages kids in learning. I would love to use this teaching strategy along with Responsive Classroom! Wish me luck :)

I had a lot of students last year who I will also have this year for 2nd grade. I thought since they already know my classroom procedures and school rules that I could teach them different social skills. I noticed last year that part of my class struggled with getting along and being kind to one another. I found this book while searching online. I love it! It provides 7 units with about 4-5 lessons within each one. You can also pick the activities that you want to use for each lesson. My goal is to take the first 6 weeks of school and teach a small 15 minute lesson each day. One of the things I love is that you can have your students create a little book on a binder ring. In the book, they right down what they learned from each lesson. This can be used as a great tool when they are struggling socially! (Instead of tattling!!!)
Finally, I plan on using this book this year to teach my students mini lessons during independent reading. I love how the lessons are laid out by month! I really like how Debbie Miller talks about students becoming independent during reading while teaching each other. She says "the more teachers talk, the quicker students become distracted." Kids love learning from each other. This is one of my goals this year, is to work on giving my students more partner time in reading and writing too.

I hope that you found these resources very helpful if you were looking for a new Teaching Beach Read to end your summer!! :) Feel free to use the graphic in the beginning of my post when linking up!

Thank you and good luck to all who are heading back to school soon! :)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Currently August

I'm linking up with Farly at "Oh Boy 4th Grade"
for Currently August!

Listening- This may be the last time I get to make it up to my parents campground in beautiful Lancaster, PA before school starts. Then, hopefully plenty of time in the fall. So I though I would take advantage of using my computer outside! :)
I have learned so many awesome tips and tricks! I would definitely recommend this awesome resource!
Thinking-How do I want to decorate my classroom this year? Do I want to two rug areas? Do I want to get stools, beanbags, small chairs and tables to decorate the library? Do I want to do chevron and buy lanterns to hang from the ceiling? The possibilities are endless~! 
Wanting- I always love to stop and get a iced green tea from Starbucks. So refreshing!!!!!!
Needing- I feel like I am procrastinating big time this summer. I wanted to work on my portfolio for graduate school.  However, the days go by and I get nothing done. I'd rather blog or blog hop! My bestie also switched to another school and is starting back this Wednesday! I wish her the best of luck :) She's an awesome teacher.
B2s must haves1.) I cannot find cheap bean bags anywhere. They are so expensive. But they are a must have for my classroom this year so I need to find some and fast! 
2.) Everywhere I look chevron lanterns are sold out!!!! I may have to just go with plain colored ones. 3.) Amy Lemons has an awesome "Get your Chevron on!" pack that I am dying to purchase when I am reading to print out and laminate things. Plus I love her blog! :)
I am also looking for new ideas for products to make. Any ideas? What do you think other teachers are looking the most for on tpt?
Happy {Almost End of Summer :( } Blog Reading!


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