Monday, July 22, 2013

10 Things I've Learned from Teaching

1.) Even though teachers are off  over the summer, they never stop blogging, reading teaching books, and talking to colleagues about their new room design or plans for the upcoming year.

2.) If you give your students your email or phone number, they will Facetime you and email you.
 (Technology is taking over!!!)

3.) When you leave the last day of the school year, it takes a long time to get used to not seeing your class. You have been in their lives for 180 days!!1

4.) Kids have the craziest imaginations and personalities. Every one of your students wants your attention and needs you to be there for them no matter how their behavior is.

5.) Getting yourself organized is so rewarding! Things are so easy to find. :) I especially love my new master binders I organized!

6.) Find time to exercise! Yes, teachers exercise everyday moving up and down stairs and hallways. But, fid time to run a few times a week after the school day. Relieves a lot of stress!

7.) You never know when you will run out of wipes, pencils, hand sanitizer or tissues. Last year I ran out of pencils and the year before it was wipes, and the year before that was tissues! eek! Always stock up!

8.) Teaching is a hard job. No, we don't "babysit." We teach kids how to behave and learn social and emotionally.

9.) Be yourself! Don't change your teaching style! Do what you do best to make your students successful!

10.) BREATHE! Sometimes it's okay during your prep to sit at your desk and take some deep breathes. It helps me a lot, especially when I feel like it's crunch time!

I hope this gives you some insight on my life as a teacher! :) Enjoy!

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