Sunday, July 29, 2012

First Day Jitters Blog Hop!

Head on over to join the First Day Jitters Blog Hop! :)

What am I Jittery about?

1. The first day always has a lot of confusion. I find it so hard to sort the MASSIVE amount of supplies! I would love to find a handy dandy way of keeping track of who brings in what so I can make sure that almost every student brings in all of their supplies! So, I am going to create some kind of checklist...more to come on that. Also, my first graders never know how they are getting home from school. So in my letters this year I included a transportation form(comment if you want a copy). I asked the parents to send it in on the first day of school. Then, I will put it on their name tag in case they get lost in the hallway!

2. I am a super organized person. So I get jittery that all of my materials are not ready. I tend to over prepare for the first day and I never get everything done!

3. I get the jitters as soon as I see my class list and you hear the horror stories! eeek!

Enjoy and link up!

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