Sunday, June 26, 2016

Catching up, The Happy Planner & New Products!

Hey y'all! Summer is finally here! Are you with me in saying that this was a super slow year?  I love what I do but ready for some R&R! 
The past few weeks I have been catching up on Periscope as well as visiting the Target Dollar Spot! If you have not done so, check out The Happy Planner! I love mine and you can find them at Michaels and Hobby Lobby! I got mine below at Michaels. They let me use a 50% off coupon and then I got the gold stickers in the same purchase and was able to use another coupon for 25% off! So I ended up spending $19.99 for both! WHAT A DEAL!

I also posted a new "Just Peachy-Keen decor pack and "2016-2017 Red and Turquoise Planner pages!" Check them out in my TpT Store! I am running a sale! 

Enjoy! :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

We read to LEARN, and LEARN to read!

Many things have been happening in Room 162! As we continue to use The Reading Workshop Units of Study I really love the lessons and passion that it provides me to teach my kids to become avid readers. We just finished Unit 2: "Becoming Experts of Nonfiction" which showed my class how to read informational texts through wondering, discovery and photographs.

As we completed our unit on Friday, we created a museum in our classroom using the iPads, google images, fact sheets and display signs. The class and our principal Ms. Mychack walked around the room and shared their questions and comments about each others exhibits. This was an amazing success and I believe it showed my students how important it is to learn new knowledge and add onto existing knowledge they already know about different nonfiction topics. 

Check it out below!

 We also celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's birthday by creating our own dreams, reading the story "Martin's BIG Words, and drawing MLK!

We have also had some time to throw in some Mystery Number Skypes too! They are so much fun! Let us know if you want to join us sometime!

Check out my new FREE 3-digit addition spinners in my TpT Store!


Monday, September 7, 2015

Classroom Revealed & The First Week is DONE!

Whew! What a long week! We started Monday, August 31 with our new kiddos and went a full week! It was exhausting, but I am excited to see this class learn and grow! We accomplished a lot this week! We created our hopes and dreams, a classroom promise and started Reading Workshop! I cannot wait to use an amazing brand new program that is focused on the Common Core and allows students to learn on their level! We did some Stop and Jots too! 

We also will be starting Words Their Way this week as well! I enjoyed assessing my students this week to determine their needs as spellers!
We also added our own writing on our beginning of the year "Guess Who's in Room 162" bulletin board! You can purchase the set at my TPT Store.  It's on sale for Labor Day! :)

Below are some pictures of my classroom! I really like where I decided to put the kiddos book boxes this year! My classroom includes a lot of new things! My colors ended up being teal, yellow and green. I put in a full green screen to make it easier to record movies. I made table flowers because we are no longer able to hang things from the ceiling. The labels in the middle of the flowers are for free from Amy Lemons. We also made a student generated alphabet and hopes and dreams pennants. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Get Organized like a Champ!

So.... I love using binders in my classroom instead of take-home folders! Each year I have changed it up from a FROG binder to a PAW binder which are just some cute ways to help my students get organized. I ask them to bring a binder in on the first day of school. If their binder has a clear pocket in the front, the cover of the binder goes in that pocket. If not, I just use a sheet protector to put the cover in.

I usually use two sheet protectors per binder, but they last all year! In one sheet protector goes the communication log for parents front and back (if you need to put the cover in the sheet protector, just use one side for the communication log, you can always add more behind it!) In the other sheet protector, our classroom rules goes on one side and their monthly behavior calendar on the other side.
Then, I collect two folders to put into their binders. One folder gets the take home/homework labels and the other folder gets the important papers/important money labels. Then in the back folder on the binder gets the spelling words label.

How do I get them ready?

I like my class to have their binders ready to go home on the first day. When collecting supplies, I put their binders and two folders aside but make sure you write their names on them first!

I already have all the labels precut and sheet protectors stuffed with papers before the first day of school. During snack, I grab their binder, tape in the labels in both folders, tape in their spelling label and then insert everything inside. Sometimes I may have to punch holes in their folders with my big whole punch. I get about half done during snack time and then I do the rest while they are at special. I do this because there are just so many papers that need to go home the first day I want to teach them how to be organized right away!

So....I decided to make a GoNoodle Binder this year which is free at my TpT store.

Below is a preview! Please leave a comment and let me know if you like it, share it and pin it!!
Included are 16 different covers you can choose from, all the labels you need, the communication log, monthly calendar template and rules template. 

Thank you!!! Good luck to Y'all heading back this week!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

TpT Makeover!

Thanks to the awesome videos from great teachers on Periscope and resources from.........


I learned how to do fancy-up my TpT page by adding banners and my blog button and name to my profile picture! 

Check it out below! 

Email me with any questions you may have!! :) 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

My Skype Tracker

It's finally ready!!!!! I am so excited to have finished "My Skype Tracker!"

Do you want to get started with Mystery Skype in your classroom? 


have you already started and want a tool to help your students keep track of their learning?

Check it out here!

Please contact me with any questions you may have!!! 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

End of the Year and Summer Lovin

Wow! I cannot believe that summer is finally here. I love what I do, but actually having time to relax is always what I look forward to the most!

The end of the year was great! As I look back and reflect on my 6th year in the education field, I am proud of many of the things I have done and am looking forward to planning my 7th year!

1.) I cannot begin to express the opportunities that participating in Skype sessions did for my students this year. We mystery skyped with 25 states, participated in a mystery skype video calling exchange with Ireland, did 1 place value math skype, met Jillian from Sharks4Kids, participated in World Read Aloud Day with Beverly Ladd and played Kahoot through Skype with Heidi Samuelson from Swamp Frog Kids. All of these amazing opportunities shaped my students into independent and creative thinkers. 

2.) The more the year went on, the more creative and willing my class became! My absolute favorite thing was that they would love to write the morning message! We soon became a family through working together. 

3.) Finally, because of my absolutely amazing students, I earned staff member of the year! :) What a great feeling! And...of course you can't end the year without a class selfie!

Goals for Next Year:

1.) Build a green screen in my classroom to use on a weekly basis.
2.) Use my iPad to make a document camera station.
3.) Make a whole mystery skype corner with maps and resources from different states. Brochures maybe? hmm...
4.) Make a tweet wall for exit slips and to practice tweeting!
5.) Use Technology more for the right reasons!!!!


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